Band Development Program

Fall Session:  09/01/20 - 12/18/20         "Welcome and Welcome Back"     Cost: $680


(payable in 4 monthly installments of $170)                     *No Rehearsal the Week of Thanksgiving*

This first session will continue to focus on all elements of the previous sessions for returning bands.   All new bands will learn a set of their favorite songs to perform for family and friends at the end of the first session.  In the event that a live performance is not possible due to Covid, we will shift our focus to each band producing their own demo.  And offer a live streaming performance with details to be announced. 

Virtual Band option is also available. Your group will meet weekly over zoom with an instructor to decide on a song to learn. The goal is 1 edited/produced video every 2 weeks. It is each student’s responsibility to learn their parts during the week.  The following meeting, each student will virtually perform their part(s) for their instructor and band mates along to the original version of the song. Upon the instructor’s approval, students will make an audio/video recording of themselves (a phone camera works fine) playing/ performing along with the original version of the song but wearing earbuds/ headphones so that they can hear the song in it’s entirety, but the audio/video recording only picks up their part that they are playing/performing. You will then send the recording to your instructor.  Next, your instructor will edit your video with other student videos to create a virtual performance video and send you back the finished product.  This only works if all involved stick to the schedule. Required Materials: Student instrument (except vocalist: microphone not needed).